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Love is for Souls

A Vision I/Scarlet Witch Community

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A community dedicated to one of the most epic comic book romances of all time.
The Scarlet Witch/Vision
Love Is for Souls

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This is a community for one of the most offbeat pairings in Marvel Comics canon, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch.

In this community, you can post/find: Fan-fiction, Fan-art, Picspam, Icons, Discussions, Fanmixes, ect. Pretty much everything and anything to do with this pairing.

Basic Rules:

- Use tags, subjects and cuts.
- Please don't excessively spam, because nobody likes a comm that clogs up flists.
- When posting anything, use the appropriate format.
- If there is content unsuitable for those under 18, it must be marked appropriately. We don't want to scar any young minds
- Don't hate on others. This includes racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory behavior.

In depth rules can be found here.

Pretty simple, right? Just follow the rules and you won't have people wearing modhats chasing you with banhammers.